Top 2 Best Towns: Bend & Boulder

Reprinted from article by Cabin in Sight   In this article we’re going to focus on the two top winners in a variety of “best town” lists for the Western US, with big focus on outdoor activities. When looking at rural property it can be tough to find a location that has great access to… Read More

Can Bend become the next Boulder? This venture capitalist thinks so, and here’s why

Reprinted from article by John Cook | Geek Wire BEND, Ore. — Venture capitalist Dino Vendetti is buzzing through his adopted hometown of Bend — showing off attractions that he thinks will one day establish this picturesque Central Oregon city as a new entrepreneurial hub. With a sports rack adorning his Toyota Prius, Vendetti —… Read More

Mirror Pond Proposal Leverages Public-Private Partnership for Downtown Development

Reprinted from article by Erin Rook | The Source Weekly The Mirror Pond Ad-Hoc Committee unveiled its Mirror Pond and Downtown Redevelopment Concept Friday afternoon to a packed room in the Bend Park and Rec District office. The proposal goes beyond addressing the failing Newport Dam and the local landmark that is Mirror Pond, and… Read More

Higher-priced homes selling in Bend

Sales of homes for $750,000 and up more than doubles since 2012 Reprinted from article by Joseph Ditzler | The Bulletin A panoramic view of the Cascade Mountains spills through a cathedral-style arched window into a living room in a château on Northwest Starview Drive, on Awbrey Butte in Bend. A rooftop-solar system creates radiant… Read More

Bend, Oregon: Great beers, a greater outdoors

Reprinted from article by Diane Bair and Pamela Wright, The Boston Globe |  BEND, Ore. – “This place a guerrilla underground, bad-boy vibe,” our pub tour guide said as we entered the Boneyard Brewery. An old jeep with the company’s skull-and-crossbones logo sat near the front door of the industrial-looking warehouse, tucked into the middle of… Read More

Eagle Crest Resort – Featured Neighborhood

Blue skies, dry climate, sports and recreation … Eagle Crest Resort is an active resort community. Located in a banana belt, Eagle Crest enjoys warmer weather and gorgeous views of the Cascade Mountains, Smith Rock State Park and the Ochoco Mountains. Located nine minutes from downtown Redmond, 20 minutes from Trader Joe’s in Bend and flyfishing… Read More

Top 10 1031 Exchange Myths

James Ogen with First American Exchange is our “go to” 1031 Exchange expert. The following information is reprinted from “The Exchange Update” newsletter. 1031 Exchange Misconceptions Like-kind means I must exchange the same type of property, such as apartment building for apartment building. All real property is like-kind to other real property, but personal property… Read More

Bend, Ore. The City You’ll Love to Hate

Reprinted from article by Nathan Borchelt, Washington Post | I hate Bend, Ore. I came to this realization standing outside Crux Fermentation Project, the city’s newest brewery. The setting sun painted the sky in brilliant reds, colors like the inside of a ripe blood orange, the horizon sliced by the sharp, snow-covered Three Sisters Mountains… Read More

Bend, Ore: The Next Big City for Entrepreneurship

Reprinted from article by Bruce Schoenfeld, Entrepreneur Magazine | Not so long ago, what is now the most entrepreneurial city in America was nearly a ghost town. The timber industry had crashed, and it was the only industry that Bend, Ore., had. “Two of the biggest pine mills in the world, and one had closed and… Read More

Bend Named DogTown USA 2012

Pooch Paradise Bend, Oregon makes another Top 10 list. This time, Bend is named the 2012 DogTown USA by DOG FANCY magazine. Below is a copy of the article from Postcards from Bend, DogTown USA 2012 By Ernie Slone | Posted:Aug. 10, 2012 2:30 p.m. It’s 10 a.m. on a bright August morning, and… Read More